WhichOrthopaedicImplant.com is a searchable orthopaedic implant database for identification of orthopaedic devices.  The website has been established as a free reference. 

We are working to collect a comprehensive orthopaedic implant database of implant radiographs to assist orthopaedic surgeons in identification of orthopaedic devices.   The correct identification of orthopaedic devices is an important element of pre-operative planning which should facilitate implant extraction during revision arthroplasty.

If  you have a revision arthroplasty case where the patient’s implant is unfamiliar, then use our implant search function to limit the possibilities.   Our database of implant radiographs is categorised by shape characteristics which can be determined from the implant radiograph, without prior knowledge of the implant:

  • Is the stem tapered or rounded ?
  • Does it have a collar ?
  • How many holes or insertion slots ?
  • Convex or concave curvature ?
  • Etc…

By answering some of these questions, you can filter the implant radiographs in our database down to a smaller sample to compare against your patient’s implant radiograph.  Our tutorial pages provide further explanation.

Alternatively if you know the orthopaedic implant in question then you can access specific implant posts which contain technical information and advice for planning revision arthroplasty.

Bear with us:  This site has just been launched but we hope to increase the number of orthopaedic devices in the orthopaedic implant database, thereby offering progressive functionality.  If you can see an opportunity to assist us in improving our database of implant radiographs then please do so.

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